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Need a break from the beach or sound? 

- Cora’s Deli is a MUST. Sandwiches will make you want to slap yo mama!
- Surf City Scoop! Located right below the beloved Skating Rink
- Quarter Moon, a great spot for a book, but also an evening of Music and wine!
- Beach Shop and Grille, a bit of a splurge, but wonderful coastal cuisine, dessert, and cocktails!
- Don’t forget to walk the South End point, the sunset views are spectacular.
- Want to whip up some food of your own? Lewis’s Seafood stand, a few blocks away, is your spot
to grab some fresh seafood.
- On your way off the island, take a pit stop at Diver, a magnet for all coffee lovers, and boasts a
great view of the Sound.

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